White Cell Group is a trusted consulting partner to healthcare organizations of all sizes from small to start-ups to large, White Cell Group has designed its consultancy offerings, to help organizations align their strategic objectives with day-to-day business and operational goals, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual client. The integration of expertise from our other areas of specialization and our affiliates enables us to use a team approach to assist clients in both their business and personal consulting. Our healthcare consultants and specialists, have hands-on experience in different healthcare sectors includes governmental healthcare programs and nursing facilities, assisted living, and home health agency operations, have an in-depth understanding of this complex industry.

  • Medical Cities and National Medical Programs
  • Hospitals, Ambulatory and Primary Healthcare Centers
  • Managed Care Organizations (Extended Care, Home Healthcare, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centers)
  • Clinical Offices, Dental Clinic, and Derma Clinic
  • Retail Pharmacies, Laboratories, and Imaging Centers
  • Insurance Companies

Backed by its skilled team and a pool of local and international affiliated partners White Cell Group delivers Healthcare Planning & Design services to both Greenfield projects and operational healthcare facilities. Services are offered on a project by project basis or in a turnkey approach.

Services include strategic and medical concept planning, market analysis, feasibility analysis, process re-engineering, design supervision, project management, and site supervision.

We provide detailed advice and assistance at each stage of the project towards building and operating a highly efficient, effective and functional healthcare organization, from concept to implementation. We combine medical practice with market principles to ensure that your project achieves your vision and financial objectives without compromising the quality of patient care.

Particular attention is lavished on the crucial planning stages and draws upon a range of disciplines to ensure that your healthcare project complying with the Current standards of International accreditation bodies.

Our accreditation and compliance consultants are experienced surveyors and quality specialists chosen for their survey skills and their consultative ability. We share your goal of achieving compliance, so our focus is not just on conducting a survey, but on providing the consultative advice necessary to implement and monitor compliance on a continuous basis. We help organizations effectively and efficiently integrate accreditation requirements and patient safety initiatives into their daily activities.

White Cell Group has been providing healthcare accreditation, regulatory compliance and patient safety consulting services to prominent healthcare organizations both domestically and abroad for over three years. Our industry-leading team of former surveyors and recognized industry experts provide unparalleled expertise and experience to our clients.

Our team will assists organizations in building or strengthening internal resources to maintain a culture of continuous readiness for surveys by the different accreditation bodies, and even the unannounced surveys, preparation, and ongoing readiness are critical. We will work with organizations to craft continuing readiness and survey preparation activities with a focus on:

  • Mitigating deficiencies before the survey
  • Refocusing staff attention and arming managers with a response plan to launch when surveyors arrive
  • Coaching and mentoring staff and managers on survey activities
  • Educating boards and executives on the latest trends in accreditation and their implication

White Cell Consulting helps hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers improve operations by redesigning how clinical work is performed. We concentrate on improvements that move patients smoothly through the organizations and ensure that patients get the right care safely. Along the way, our collaboration with organization leaders makes our client hospitals and health systems less stressful and more satisfying places to work, capable of delivering safer and better care for patients – less expensively.

  • Optimization of service lines and centers of excellence
  • Medical Staff Analysis
  • Nursing Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Pharmaceutical Management Services (Drug Safety, IV, TPN, Chemotherapy areas…..)
  • Clinical Lab Consultancy Services
  • Diagnostics and Medical Imaging Consultancy services
  • Primary and Ambulatory Care Consulting Services
  • Telemedicine Consultancy Services
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Resources and Space Utilization
  • Facility and Safety Management
  • IT and Medical Systems Management
  • Material Management and Supply chain
  • Biomedical Management
  • Patient Administration and Data Management
  • Analytics and Insights (Dashboards and Metrics)
  • Patient Experience
  • HR Management
  • Business Office Management

Managing the finances of any health care business nowadays is becoming very challenging and requires exceptional skills to handle the dynamic industry changes at the services pricing, revenue cycle management, advanced detailed billing systems, contracting with payers.

Through our knowledge from a financial and health insurance perspective, we can identify your needs, and work with you to implement strategies and solutions that can streamline your business operations that facilitate bottom line improvements, or assist with investment planning. We tailor our services to enable your team to handle routine financial activities, such as revenue cycle management, claim management negotiating contracts, financial planning, and maintaining a cash cushion for unexpected costs.

  • Financial Modeling/Projections
  • Services and Packages Pricing
  • Insurance Companies & payors contracting
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Claim & Billing Management
  • Reimbursement Consulting
  • Analysis of Patients - Mix
  • Insurance Office Management